Sunday, 13 March 2011

March Make

The suggestion for this month's A Monthly Make was to make a felt Stanley Kidston. I didn't set out to make it purple and green, but I wanted to use materials I already had in stock and the only bit of felt big enough was purple, I thought the green was contrasting nicely.
It was the first time I made something entirely hand sewn.

Last month I bought some wool to make a crochet blanket. I was a bit worried when it arrived, it's almost 1kg of wool and I thought it would take me forever to go through it all. It turns out, it is taking me forever, it is only a granny square blanket (the only crochet I have mastered) and it's not even going to be that big!
Anyway, I am hoping it will be finished for next month's monthly make, my poor arthritic fingers need a rest.

1 comment:

  1. Love the purple and green Stanley. Good luck with the crochet.